Garry Pereira

Garry Pereira

Garry Pereira is an artist who focuses on the surrounding beauty and diversity of the countryside. Painting remains as important, rewarding and magical as always to the artist. Since beginning his career as an artist in the late 90s, Garry continues to seek a deeper understanding of his subject through art.

Focusing on the Bristish Isles, Garry Pereira is drawn to the remoteness of the Highlands of Scotland to the lowlands of East Anglia and everything in between. The artist paints in situ on small panels, completing the works with the scene before him. This helps imbue the painting with a sense of the natural scene, whilst offering a representative and scalable reference for painting on a larger scale in his studio.

Garry Pereira enjoys referencing books to further his learning and understanding of techniques available to him using oils. Creating his own paints for use in his work, Garry utilises a mixture of processes including layering thin washes of oil and glaze to achieve the desired result. The artist notes, “my aim continues to be much the same as it ever was, to make the best possible paintings that I can, being sensitive, respectful and open to painting and the landscapes that I am working within.

Garry’s work is collected and exhibited internationally including Canada, France, USA and Australia. Forest Gallery is proud to represent Garry and available to help with any specific requests or commissions.

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