Louise Dear

Louise Dear

It is with great pleasure that we welcome the well known figurative artist Louise Dear to Forest Gallery. Louise has been hugely successful over recent years with a lengthy waiting list for commissions and artwork. We have no doubt that this demand will grow further still.

Louise has a humble ambition to create beautiful paintings. Working to paint large, contemporary figurative works, she has become well known for her brilliant use of colour and line work. Louise is passionate about creating striking, vibrant and intense pieces. She continually seeks to explore the power art has to invade the senses and influence emotions.

The artist begins her creations on large sheets of prefabricated aluminium, priming the surface and then throwing, rubbing, pouring and dripping inks and dyes. She then adds glitter and runs glosses over the developing piece to form a background. From here she sands, scratches and distresses the material depending on the image to be overlaid. For Louise, it is a process of experimentation and careful visualisation, using materials she is fascinated with and how they interact to create movement and texture.

As the painting evolves, Louise becomes intrigued with the marks. She observes how lines within a figure organically flows through the image. At this stage, it is as though the image has become a vehicle for the marks. The finished artworks are stylised and unique to Louise, carrying a trace of Art Deco from the early 20th Century.

As an artist with a passion and love of the creation of art, we are excited to have Louise Dear join us at Forest Gallery, and look forward to the ever creative and colourful art she produces.

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