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You'll Never Catch Me


Painted exclusively for the artist’s solo exhibition, ‘Artem Fur’ with Forest Gallery, this is an original Lowry inspired painting by best-selling artist Sean Durkin.


Includes Sean’s trademark policeman and robber figures as a nod to his father’s escapades (read Sean’s bio for more info). Framed in a white slip and bespoke dark scoop moulding as pictured.

  • Mixed Media on Board
  • Unframed: 48 x 36 inches
  • Framed: 57 x 45 inches
  • Unframed: 122 x 91 cm
  • Framed: 145 x 114 cm
  • Sold
  • Commission Artist
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  • Visualise On Your Wall
  • Art Visualiser

    • 1. Click 'VISUALISE ON YOUR WALL' button
    • 2. Aim your phone at your floor while it calibrates *
    • 3. Move your position until it meets the floor and bottom of your wall
    • 4. Click the Pin icon to lock it into place and the painting will appear on your wall
    • 5. You can move the painting around with your finger and move your position to see the painting from different angles

    * Older mobile devices will require an AR Marker to be downloaded, printed on A4 and positioned on your wall

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