Vicente Romero

Vicente Romero

Vicente Romero Redondo has captivated millions of people around the world with his remarkable insight and talent.  The translucence of fabric, the shimmering waters and the capturing of a single moment in time sets him apart.

Vicente was born in Madrid in 1956, and he quickly gravitated toward art as he filled gaps in school time with his sketches. His formal art training started at the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Fernando, where in fact Salvador Dalí had also studied. While Vicente’s academics began in sculpture, they quickly moved to painting which he mastered on his way to graduation. 

While Vicente Romero paints with both oil and pastel, his pastels have become his trademark. Ever so delicate, he can coax details from the medium that envelop viewers’ imaginations. His lightness and light invite emotional reactions of calm enjoyment and appreciation.

One of the many reasons Vicente’s art is so universally acclaimed and appreciated is because it represents a respite from modern life. He captures the very heart of calmness. His peacefulness is all encompassing. Adding a Vicente work to a home or office creates an oasis that wholly separates the viewer from the rat race of normal life. Owners drink in the beauty Vicente captures so eloquently, and then they feel their composure return in a measure that allows them to feel rejuvenated.

Spanish figurative artist Vicente Romero is a master of oil painting, but it is his ability to use pastels that truly sets him on a pedestal. In early 2020 he was voted to be the first Pastelist Master of Spain. He coaxes out the very essence of his subjects’ souls through his pastel paintings as they leap from his easel having been blessed with their first breaths of life. His use of light is astounding – simultaneously capturing light dancing on the ocean’s waves as they crash onto the coast with the glowing shimmers through the translucent patterned fabrics worn by his models.

 Most artists eschew pastel painting as it is a difficult medium in which to be extraordinary. Whether working on colour pastel paintings or pastel drawings, it is a rare artist who can stand above the others the way Vicente Romero does. Pastels are essentially pure pigment held together with some form of binding. In the case of soft pastels, such as the ones used by Vicente Romero, his very rich pigments are bound with tragacanth gum, which allows the pigment to take the form of a stick that can be readily grasped. Ultimately, for artists to be successful, they must find the means of expressing their visions in a manner that can be appreciated by the viewer. In the case of Vicente Romero, the longer the viewer views, the more appreciative they become, as they witness greatness.

We are delighted to showcase the stunning and extensive collection of art by Vicente Romero here at Forest Gallery. 

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