Mark Spain

Mark Spain

Mark Spain had a strong interest in art from a young age. Once finishing school he attended Medway College of Art where he trained in technical graphics. On graduating, he set up his own print studio in Kent where he produced original etchings and collographs.

Mark has exhibited his figurative, abstract and landscape works extensively across the UK. Exhibitions and shows include the 20th Century British Art Fair, Chelsea and Hampton Court Show and the Barbican Contemporary Print Fair. Over time, the artist began to experiment with different forms of imagery and explored a wider range of media.

Mark’s figurative oil paintings were extremely well received, and he was quickly signed to one of the UK’s leading publishing houses. His first Limited Edition release sold out in record time. As a result the Fine Art Trade Guild awarded him the Award for Best Up and Coming Artist. His work now hangs in galleries and private collections as far afield as Japan, New Zealand, Canada and USA.

The artist continues to experiment with different techniques and subjects, recently incorporating cityscapes into his figurative works. His main goals are to create movement within works, placing particular emphasis on setting mood and atmosphere. This ambition is certainly evident within his unique work.

We are delighted to bring Mark Spain on board her at Forest Gallery and look forward to seeing more from the talented artist.

  • Satin and Pearls II
    Satin and Pearls II 24 x 30 inches £ 585.00
  • Poppies and Pimms
    Poppies and Pimms 30 x 24 inches £ 585.00
  • Romantic Reflections
    Romantic Reflections 30 x 24 inches £ 585.00
  • An Evening in Paris
    An Evening in Paris 30 x 24 inches £ 585.00
  • West End
    West End 20 x 20 inches £ 420.00
  • Evening Lights
    Evening Lights 20 x 20 inches £ 420.00
  • Heat of the Night
    Heat of the Night 30 x 24 inches £ 495.00
  • Sleepy Afternoon
    Sleepy Afternoon 18 x 14 inches £ 275.00
  • Secret
    Secret 30 x 24 inches £ 495.00
  • Paris Nights
    Paris Nights 30 x 24 inches Sold
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