Joan Puerto

Joan Puerto

Joan Puerto is best known for his beautiful seascape paintings. He was born in 1968 in Santander, Spain and grew up close to the sea. During his childhood, he used to spend many hours a day on the beach and amongst the rocks, watching the sea. As an adolescent, he began to paint water colours and his decision to become a painter was soon born.

His first studies began in Madrid where he spent time in the museums studying composition and techniques of the old masters. After finishing half of the academic studies, he went to Paris to learn further styles and the Parisian museums, with their rich collections of impressionism, inspired him greatly.

Towards the end of his studies in Paris he began to paint more and more seascapes using delicate light in his sunsets and the wonderful nuances of colour depicting the waves.

Joan’s seascapes are like a self-portrait in many ways, a landscape of his soul. Powerful but with a tender grip of a strong man. A return to the roots which can transform the menaced sea into a new harmony and life. His exhibitions include Paris, Madrid and Santander.

Joan Puerto is available for commissions.  Please get in touch with us if this would be of interest.

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